As 3rd stimulus nears approval, some wonder if IRS can correctly process $1,400 payments

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The Biden administration is pushing ahead with its plan to get $1,400 stimulus checks into the hands of struggling Americans.

But, with the IRS well into tax season, some are wondering if it will it be able to correctly process the funds. 

The president is proposing a nearly $2 trillion COVID relief plan which the house could vote on this week. 

“Another $1,400 will be coming, said the president during his weekly address this weekend. “I believe it should go to people who in fact are in need.” 

However, some worry that money may not get to them based on what happened with stimulus payment number two back in early January. 

Ray Purnell was one of those who found his stimulus funds diverted to another account at the time. 

“I looked at the last 4 digits on the bank account,” said Purnell. “I didn’t have that bank account and my wife didn’t have that bank account.” 

Purnell was a customer of H&R Block. He was like millions of people who didn’t get their second stimulus payments because of the way the IRS sent those funds to customers of both H&R Block and TurboTax. 

Here’s what happened: The IRS decides where to send that money, but because the agency was rushing to get payments out before the start of tax season, it made errors by sending them to accounts that it hadn’t properly vetted. 

As a result, money went to accounts that were closed or no longer active. 

Now that we are looking at new round of stimulus checks, CBS 17 wanted to know if H&R Block and TurboTax are confident those new funds won’t go to incorrect accounts associated with their customers. 

In answer to an email inquiry from Consumer Investigator Steve Sbraccia, H&R Block said, “We cannot speculate on a future stimulus payment or how it might be disbursed by the IRS. When a bill is passed, the IRS determines when and how payments are processed.” 

TurboTax’s parent company Intuit said it worked with its customers last time to get those funds to them within days of the error so they wouldn’t have to file for it on their 2020 tax return. 

Regarding a new stimulus payment, the company said, “Intuit continues to partner with the IRS to ensure the IRS uses the accurate banking information they already have on file for TurboTax customers to distribute funds should there be any future stimulus payments.” 

There will be plenty of questions about the third stimulus payment, including how it will be doled out. 

CBS 17 is committed to keeping an eye on this situation and will provide you with as many answers as we can as this process unfolds. 

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