NC neighborhood’s residents getting blocked from their own homes by construction vehicles

DAVIDSON, N.C. (WJZY) — It’s more than just the weather that’s causing a mess in one Davidson neighborhood.

People living there say construction issues are so bad, they’re having to wait, in some cases, hours to get out of their own driveway.

One viewer sent us pictures of the issues, and one big issue FOX 46 saw was construction trucks blocking driveways. It’s something the town here says should not be happening.

Construction crews appeared to be wrapping up for the day on a neighborhood build in the Westbranch subdivision in Davidson Thursday afternoon when FOX 46 cameras arrived.

We saw two trucks belonging to construction crews were blocking the road. Neighbors say it’s not the first time that’s happened and it’s happened with more cars, and for hours at a time.

“My neighbor had a doctor’s appointment, a rather urgent one, and she could not get out, the subcontractor would not move,” one woman who did not want to be identified told FOX 46.

That’s one on top of several issues neighbors told us about that have shown up from construction. Some of the people living there have garages in the back areas of their homes where they say other issues are, but for security and traffic reasons, they say they are not allowed to park in front of their homes.

The construction has lasted for months and even though there’s been some clean-up, trash is still around, and more, like used toilet paper.

“I’ve tried every opportunity I’ve had.”

We reached out to the town of Davidson about this and they say they are familiar with the home access and trash issues here and added that they’ve had to address both with construction crews.

They say they will likely have to do that again and added that if any vehicle is blocking a driveway, police can remove it. FOX 46 did reach out to the construction company over the project — Lennar — and even sent them pictures of what has been seen out there. We have not yet heard back.

The town of Davidson provided FOX 46 with a statement, saying:

“Although the streets in the WestBranch community are still the responsibility of the developer, the town is still prepared and fully committed to serve the needs of all residents. Our police chief recalled off the top of her head one call for service concerning a vehicle blocking access to a home in WestBranch. This does happen on rare occasion across town, and whether the vehicle blocking in the driveway is a construction vehicle, a delivery vehicle or simply a neighbor, residents are always encouraged to call 911 in order for an officer to be dispatched when access is needed. Once on site, the officer will work to locate the owner of the vehicle. We have always had voluntary compliance in the past, but of course, the officer could have the vehicle removed if the owner cannot be found.

Secondly, our Code Enforcement Officer has successfully reached out to Lennar in the past to work with them about concerns with picking up trash, cutting weeds, etc. so we’ll go ahead and let them know we have those same concerns with those food wrappers and toilet paper you mentioned. We’ll also plan to have a conversation to remind Lennar that their construction vehicles should not be blocking driveways and ask for them to be more considerate to residents moving forward.”

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