‘Just hoping it don’t get bad’: Roxboro residents brace for more icy conditions

ROXBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — Dense fog, wet roads and the possibility of more ice loomed in Roxboro Thursday night.

“People here I tell you had it rough here for the last week,” said Chelves Ashby.

For the past week, Ashby and many others in the area have dealt with freezing rain and ice.

The first storm earlier in the week left thousands of people without power.

“[I’m] just hoping it don’t get bad,” mentioned Terry Carver.

Carver said he has kerosene heaters at home in case the power goes out again.

Thursday night a CBS 17 news crew talked to some people picking up some last-minute items from Walmart in Roxboro.

While Jerry Love made a stop too, he said he didn’t want to stock up too much.

“I don’t do all that because it’s not going to last that long that you got to eat all of that food. I’ll just bear it out,” Love said.

Ashby told us he had different plans.

“Well, I got some more loaf bread. I got some pizza and I got stuff you would usually get in times like this,” he mentioned.

Roxboro’s Police Chief David Hess told us Thursday afternoon there were no reports of damage. He also wrote there is a threat of black ice overnight.

Person County also says its shelters are on standby if conditions worsen.

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