Person County residents brace for another round of icy weather

ROXBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — People who live in Person County are still cleaning up the downed trees and debris in their front yards several days after a winter storm hit over the weekend.

Now Roxboro residents are bracing for another round of icy weather as up to one-half of an inch of ice could hit the area Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Thousands of people in Roxboro were without power for days after last weekend’s storm and some just got their power back on Tuesday night.

Jay Bayliff, a resident of Roxboro, said his family was without power for almost five days.

“We had to throw away food,” Bayliff said. “It got down to 42 degree inside my house, you could actually see your breath.”

Bayliff said they just got their power back on and his family is stocking up on food and getting their fireplace ready in case they lose power again.

“It’s probably going to be a lot worse than it is already,” Bayliff said.

On Wednesday afternoon, some roads still remain closed and cable lines could still be seen dangling from poles as several people are still without internet and cable.

“It definitely just looks like a bomb went off,” said Heather Mangum, a resident of Roxboro.

Mangum and her family lost power over the weekend for about 24 hours.

On Wednesday, they were getting their generator ready in case they lose power again.

“I’m very concerned about this next storm,” Mangum said. “A lot of people have been without power for so many days.”

But Mangum isn’t just preparing their home for the storm.

Her family spent the morning dropping off boxes of food and blankets to some residents in Roxboro who just recently got their power back.

The food and blankets were donated by local churches, and Mangum said she wanted to make sure all of these families were prepared for this next storm.

“They just had one day until this next storm comes,” Mangum said. “We love the people in this neighborhood and we want to serve them. It does bring us great joy.”

Most people in Roxboro have their power back on and Spectrum crews are working to get Internet and cable back up and running for residents in Person County as well.

Officials with Duke Energy said they will have crews prepared to respond once outages are reported.

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