Some say 14-day quarantine and testing a must after Thanksgiving travel to curb COVID-19 spread

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The Thanksgiving holiday meant millions of people traveling to see loved ones, possibly taking COVID-19 with them.

Doctors are concerned this may lead to more coronavirus cases and a bigger strain on hospitals in the coming days.

“We’ve seen previous holidays, if you will, when that kind of situation has resulted in spikes, down the road,” said Rick Pollack, President of American Hospital.

If you traveled for the holidays health experts suggest you immediately quarantine for 14 days and get tested two or three times over that span.

Travelers in the Triangle agree.

“I was in Los Angeles, Georgia and came back to North Carolina and took a test. It came back negative but you always have to take a test to make sure you didn’t contract anything. It’s good for your surroundings and everyone else around you,” said one Raleigh resident.

“It’s crazy to be far away from your family for so long, but yeah, we still have to quarantine and do what we gotta do to be together,” said Laura D., a Raleigh resident who declined to provide her full name.

Experts also say if you plan to travel for Christmas you should quarantine 14 days before taking a trip.

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