NC man seeks harsher penalties for MMA fighter who attacked dad

BELMONT, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- Almost two months later, Meredith Scruggs is still recovering from a brutal attack.

Police say a road rage incident on Aug. 21 left Scruggs hospitalized with serious injuries to his head and body.

Kyle Watson Gray, 35, was arrested and charged with assault inflicting serious bodily injury at the scene. Scruggs’ son, Matthew, said he knew something was wrong that day when he received an odd call.

“You get a call from my stepmother at that time of day, you know something’s wrong.”

Looking up Gray’s record, he already had charges pending in Mecklenburg County during the attack, including assault with a deadly weapon – intent to kill, breaking and entering/terrorizing, and misdemeanor injury to personal property.

Meredith Scruggs hospitalized with serious injuries to his head and body after he was reportedly attacked by Kyle Gray.

Matt said through the community he found out more about Gray’s past and how he’s a trained MMA fighter.

“When someone’s trained to hurt someone the way that Kyle is, and they do something like he’s done, they should face harsher penalties… whether it be criminal and civil court.”

Matt recently started a petition to get North Carolina lawmakers to give harsher penalties for trained fighters who abuse their skills.

So far, he’s received nearly 2,000 signatures but wants more. He’s hoping lawmakers will take notice of the petition and learn from his father’s case on why new laws need to be put in place.

He wrote in the petition:

“There has always been a myth that someone trained in martial arts would be considered a deadly weapon. It is time for someone trained to hurt others to be punished more severely in both criminal and civil court when they attack someone. This would include times when they are not defending themselves or take defending themselves too far. If they are already out on bond for such an instance, and commit another attack, their bond should be immediately revoked and await trial behind bars. I would compare this amendment to hate crime legislation that is already on the books.

This is an easy petition and amendment to support from either political side. I am not asking for those trained in martial arts to register with law enforcement. Those that teach martial arts always stress the importance of control and necessary force. When a trained fighter loses control or goes beyond the necessary force to defend themself, they should face their actions and accept the consequences. I don’t want anyone else to go through what my dad has had to endure!”

Gray’s next court date is November 20, where the court will address a recommended mental evaluation.

To view the petition, click here.


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