Raleigh police have responded to Star Bar 150+ times in last year

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Four women were stabbed and a man was shot all within an hour last weekend at the Star Bar in Raleigh. It’s not the first time CBS 17 has reported on violence at the Trawick Road bar and restaurant.

The latest violence unfolded early Sunday morning. Police said a man walked in WakeMed with a gunshot wound. Investigators quickly determined it happened at Star Bar.

“I felt sorry for the people that experienced what they had to go through,” said Cierra Cutler, the owner of Advisor Studio.

Cutler owns a business just around the corner from it. She sad she’s been to the bar and restaurant several times and doesn’t hold it responsible for what happened.

“We’re all adults, and a lot of times we may partake in whatever it is at home and then we go out and enjoy our night,” Cutler said.

Another business owner nearby, who asked that we not identify them, told a different story. They said they’ve lost customers and employees. They fear for their safety when even going near Star Bar.

CBS 17 requested the calls for service for the last year. Raleigh police said they’ve been called to the 1700 block of Trawick Road 374 times. Of those, 155 calls for 1731 Trawick, that’s Star Bar’s address. Many of the calls involved security checks, suspicious persons or vehicles, disturbances, and assaults.

“Probably a little more security would definitely help and then just to have some police presence after the club,” said Star Bar regular Kalek Levius.

Star Bar’s owner declined to comment.

The property manager said the bar has been there at least seven years. They admit something needs to change. He said he added new lights, a security camera, and cut down grass in the surrounding area. He said it would talk with Star Bar about adding more security.

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