COVID-19 makes move-in day different at NC State

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The move-in process for students living on campus at NC State began Friday.

Coming in from Durham, Connie Pope is sending her youngest of two off to college. He’ll be studying architecture.

“To be here, to see him transition from high school to his college years it’s just amazing,” said Pope.

She and her husband prepared their son for this moment. He was also prepared with plenty of sanitary wipes and conversations about safety before leaving home.

“He’s accepted the challenge and I’ll be checking in routinely to make sure everything is up to snuff,” Pope said.

Juhi Dighe had help from her family. She is ready for freshman year at NC State after her high school senior year came to an screeching halt.

“It basically just got cut off because we went home and never came back,” said Dighe.

She’s excited for life on campus even if home is just down the road in Cary.  Dighe knows there are risks.

“We worry because I might not be able to go back home until the end of the semester. It’s always scary that I might get something and then take it back home,” she said.

A new move-in process

The move-in process is different this year. To limit contact, staff cannot help families load or unload student belongings. However, they are sanitizing carts students use to move their things after every use. Residents were asked to only bring two helpers. The university also spread out move-ins over the course of 10 days to reduce crowding.

“The way that they’ve communicated with us and gave us a lot of front-end information, I feel safe,” said Julie Scroggs. She and her husband spent Friday morning helping their daughter move in. She’s a freshman studying graphic design.

She’s confident in her daughter’s personal responsibility and the university’s ability to do what they can to keep her daughter safe.

It can be hard for parents to let go even during a more normal year.

“I don’t want to talk about it too much. I’ll start crying,” said Scroggs.

But these parents’ children are no longer cubs. They are now part of the Wolfpack.

Safety measures throughout campus

Classrooms may differ depending on the setting. In a lecture hall style class, only every other seat will be occupied. Every other row will be closed off to keep students four to six feet apart.

At Talley Student Union, there will be fewer opportunities for lounging. Some furniture was removed and others distanced to keep large numbers of people from congregating.

Students are encouraged to look at food menus online before heading to the dining halls. Once there, they must pick a food selection line right away to limit intermingling.

COVID-19 cases at universities

The New York Times compiled a list of COVID-19 cases associated with every public four-year university in the country. The largest number of cases were reported at University of Texas Austin with a total of 449. Central Florida University has the second most with 438.

The following cases were reported at North Carolina universities by the NYT. They are not representative of all current active cases.

University Associated cases
Appalacian State 94
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 37
University of North Carolina Wilmington 33
Eastern Carolina University 30
Winston Salem State University 12
Western Carolina University 11
University of North Carolina at Pembroke 10
Elon University 9
University of North Carolina at Charlotte 5
North Carolina State University 5
Carolinas College of Health Sciences 5
North Carolina A&T State University 4
University of North Carolina Asheville 2
University of North Carolina School of the Arts 0
University of North Carolina at Greensboro 0
North Carolina Central University 0
Source: New York Times

NC State safety escort changes

To keep students and safety escorts safe, NC State implemented changes to the way they operate their Safety Escort Service. Below are modifications for this school year:

  • All safety escort requests will be walking escorts, fulfilled by either Staff-1 Security or by the University Police Department.
  • Staff-1 will provide safety escort service from 7:30 p.m. – 2:45 a.m. daily. Safety escort service can be provided by the NC State Police Department from 2:45 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. daily.
  • Safety escorts will walk students to the nearest Wolfline bus stop and will wait for the bus with the requestor
  • Or safety escorts will walk students to a parking deck if within a reasonable distance from the point of origin

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