Tuesday marks hottest day of year in Triangle; 22 treated for heat-related illnesses

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — If people out enjoying the park Tuesday didn’t remind people that it’s summertime, the heat definitely did.

Tuesday marked the hottest day of the year in the Triangle yet again, with a high of 97.

Amid the heat, 22 people were treated for heat-related illnesses at WakeMed since Friday alone. 

“That’s a lot. I know we’ve been having this heatwave here so it’s dangerous to be out here in the middle of the day especially if you have other medical conditions, so you definitely have to take it seriously and use precaution,” said Camille White, a Clayton resident. 

People gathered at parks for different reasons ranging from watching a dance recital, walking or working out, but they all seemed to have the same idea when it comes to staying cool.

“This week has been brutal. You definitely need to be in the shade. We packed plenty of water and we got some sandwiches in the cooler and made sure we got the Gatorades and electrolytes and stay hydrated,” said Rodney Stokes, a Knightdale resident. 

Medical experts said if you have to get outdoors right now, finding ways to do so safely is key.

“We try to stay inside but when we get out, we try to stay in shaded areas because it’s worse when you get under the sun,” said Victor Hyman, a Knightdale resident.

Doctors say people should be mindful of symptoms when it comes to heat-related illnesses such as heat cramps, exhaustion or heat stroke.

Officials say if you’re outside and you start to feel dizzy then stop what you’re doing and go find some shade to cool down. 

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